We spent a lovely week on Manitoulin Island. And also found some “cool stuff” for the shop. The store has been somewhat reorganized around our new additions.

We will be open regular hours since we got the news that Peter’s lung surgery has been cancelled for now. Hopefully it will be rescheduled in the very near future. The whole situation has us somewhat stressed out.

A note: this Thursday (Aug. 29) we shall be opening late – around 2 p.m.; otherwise hours are 11 to 5, Wednesday to Saturday; 2 to 5 on Tuesday.

Please remember we do NOT take DEBIT or Credit Cards; cash or cheques only.

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CLOSED FOR A WEEK – Tuesday Sept 13 to Tuesday Sept 20; CLOSED Friday Sept 23

We are taking a week’s holiday at our cabin on Manitoulin Island, before Peter’s lung surgery to remove a cancerous tumour on Friday September 23rd. Of course, we shall also be closed on that Friday as well. Maybe even the Saturday.

But our store is PACKED with great COOL STUFF! We add items almost every day! So, be sure to visit us when we are open – typically Tuesday 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.; Wednesday to Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

During the next while, it would be good just to call ahead  – 519 856 4683 – to make sure we are open.

Have a great September everyone!

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Well, finally we are off to Manitoulin Island to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron.

We shall be closed from Friday, August 12 to Saturday August 20. We reopen on Tuesday, August 23.

Hopefully this wretched humid heat will dissipate.

Our store is packed full. Come and browse and find great deals after we return with more new and interesting merchandise.

And, please, remember – we do NOT take Debit or Credit cards. CASH or CHEQUES only, please. Yup, we still are “living in the past”!

Our phone number  is 519 856 4683. You can leave a message any time.

Have a great week! And stay cool (it’s supposed to be 41C (with the humidex) today – arrrghhhhh!)

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We are Back!!!!

We had an interesting trip to Prince Edward County and found some COOL STUFF!

However, the news closest to our hearts was that Peter saw the oncologist today and

the existing tumour in Peter’s left lung has increased by 2mm since March; the one hanging off his kidney has not changed. The great news is that no new tumours have popped up anywhere.

Peter sees the surgeon towards the end of July. Probably we’ll wait for another 4 months and then, possibly consider surgery if the tumour gets larger.

Forever onwards….!

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We shall be closed from Friday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 5. Taking a little vacation as well as enjoying our annual buying trip in Prince Edward County. Hopefully, we’ll come back with a load of more “Really Cool Stuff”!

On July 5, Peter meets with his oncologist to find out the results of his most recent CT scan – fingers crossed!

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Lots of “Really Cool Stuff”

Well, summer has zoomed in very rapidly. And our shop is filling up with more and more interesting (and some “everyday” items)…… it’s hard to keep a handle on it all, actually! But we are trying our best! To get an idea of the essence of our shop (over 2000 sq. ft. – it looks deceptively small from the outside) we are posting the following slide show so kindly prepared by Shari Lovell, photograher

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

We are OPEN Tuesday (from about 2 p.m.), Wednesday – Saturday (11 a.m. – 5 p.m.). To make sure we are open, it is advisable to call ahead, just in case (we are dealing with various medical issues right now, so life is a bit complicated…)

519 856 4683

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We shall be closed from May 13 to May 24. Going for a much needed holiday to Manitoulin Island where we have a cabin on the shores of Lake Huron.

Needless to say, we shall always be on the lookout for new and interesting items to add to our shop – so check us out after we return!

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We’re having an impromptu  EXCITING 50% off EVERYTHING SALE!!

May 6 – 8     OPEN every day 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

We are crammed fuller than ever with REALLY COOL STUFF – antiques, collectibles, decor, household, loads and loads of furniture (great selection of TEAK and “shabby chic”), art, curiosities, books, huge selection of vintage Hawaiian shirts, etc., etc. And ALL at half the price!

We are known for our already really reasonable prices on great merchandise! So don’t miss this grand sale! (This is a surprise SALE – since our last sale we have added a large inventory of REALLY COOL STUFF – from furniture to vintage stuff to curiosities (we even have a stuffed piranha!)! And we need to make more room!

See you there! Don’t miss this one!

REMEMBER: We take only CASH or CHEQUES (with ID). NO debit or credit cards!!!

Our phone number:  519 856 4683


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Oh dear, our store is in chaos as we attempt to do inventory, add new and interesting merchandise and tidy and reorganize all at the same time! Please do come – lots of aisle spaces to meander.

Remember we have tons of great Hawaiian shirts for those winter getaways!

This week our hours are: Tuesday (11-5), Wednesday (1-5), Thursday, Friday & Saturday (11-5). CLOSED Sundays and Mondays.


See you!

(Always a good idea to call us at 519 856 4683 to confirm we are open – we have the odd medical emergency that arises.)

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Christmas Will Be Here Soon!

Need anything unusual? We are the place to check out! Our store is full of “Really Cool Stuff” and more comes in every day….we can hardly keep up with it all. For example, we just got a vintage (19th century) sleigh rug! AND a beautiful “campaign table” whose top (in 3 hinged sections) folds up into a long table (we have never seen anything like this before).

Of course, for you “RETRO fans” we have a good selection of teak furniture, lamps, etc. And lots of “Star Wars'” parapharnelia and other toys…… (The “Big Bang boys” would have a blast in our store!)

Our shop (over 2000 sq. ft. – 5 large “rooms”) is crammed full of merchandise – from antiques and collectibles to contemporary items. Everything from solid wood furniture to dozens and dozens of vintage Hawaiian shirts! And there is lots of Christmas stuff, as well.

And all at bargain prices! Come one, come all!

We are open Tuesday (from 2-5), Wednesday – Saturday (11-5).

(We apologize that lately our hours have been erratic (health issues, funerals….)

If you want to make sure we are OPEN, just give a shout at 519 856 4683. If you need something “after hours” don’t hesitate to call….we live just above the shop, and can run down anytime to let you have a “private viewing”.


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