Christmas Will Be Here Soon!

Need anything unusual? We are the place to check out! Our store is full of “Really Cool Stuff” and more comes in every day….we can hardly keep up with it all. For example, we just got a vintage (19th century) sleigh rug! AND a beautiful “campaign table” whose top (in 3 hinged sections) folds up into a long table (we have never seen anything like this before).

Of course, for you “RETRO fans” we have a good selection of teak furniture, lamps, etc. And lots of “Star Wars'” parapharnelia and other toys…… (The “Big Bang boys” would have a blast in our store!)

Our shop (over 2000 sq. ft. – 5 large “rooms”) is crammed full of merchandise – from antiques and collectibles to contemporary items. Everything from solid wood furniture to dozens and dozens of vintage Hawaiian shirts! And there is lots of Christmas stuff, as well.

And all at bargain prices! Come one, come all!

We are open Tuesday (from 2-5), Wednesday – Saturday (11-5).

(We apologize that lately our hours have been erratic (health issues, funerals….)

If you want to make sure we are OPEN, just give a shout at 519 856 4683. If you need something “after hours” don’t hesitate to call….we live just above the shop, and can run down anytime to let you have a “private viewing”.


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