Happy 2019!

Just a note to let you know that our hours are:

Tuesday….OPEN by chance, Wednesday to Saturday OPEN 11-5 But if you wish to check with us if we are open, don’t hesitate to call: 519 856 4683. Sometimes we do have to close because of health issues…

Please do drop by and check out our selection of “Really Cool Stuff”! Just recently we put out a lovely “Cirque du Soleil” T-shirt. Really cool! Also, we now carry vintage LPs – from hard rock to easy listening. And to accompany those we have a selection of rock ‘n roll T-shirts, as well as Hawaiian shirts in all sizes.

If you wish to donate items for the store we would be most grateful. Remember, we are a struggling local business and would appreciate all the help we can get to remain open. As well, if you have any extra bags..plastic, etc. we would love to take them off your hands.

A note about Peter’s health…. his chemotherapy dose was increased in December since the metastasized tumours in his lungs and pancreas were increasing in size again. Hopefully this new regimen will keep them under control…we find out January 21st. However, it has taken a toll on him…increased fatigue, pain and a myriad of other side effects. However, he will try to be in the store now and then when he is not resting….

Please do drop by for a browse now and then; and to say “hello”. It does get lonely sometimes in the winter…..

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