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We carry a wide range of second-hand merchandise, all at the most reasonable prices, in fact we’re like one big garage sale under a roof, with many items for less than you would even see at garage sales- everything from hundreds of earrings (at 50 cents a pair) to elegant antique furniture! We try to carry only SOLID WOOD furniture (pressboard, “engineered wood” rarely sneaks into the store). So, folks, it’s quality but at thrifty prices! Also, we have a tendency towards the odd and bizarre…..we have a stuffed iguana, a Victorian elephant leg table, military items like “trench art”, unusual sculptures, etc. And then we do have the usual, handy things – whether it’s a basket or a little stand to fit into a nook or even a Hallowe’en costume. You never know what you’ll find here. And we add new things every day!

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