Here is a great video made by my friend Shari Lovell – just yesterday…. if it gets “stuck” part of the way, then just try viewing it again.

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Well. it’s time for our annual 50% off EVERYTHING SALE! Yup, and we mean EVERYTHING IN THE STORE – no exceptions!

Saturday Nov. 5 to Saturday Nov. 12  –  OPEN EVERY DAY.  11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

However, the first Saturday, we shall be opening @ 10:30 because the road will be closed from about 11 a.m. for a while for the November 11 ceremony at the cenotaph.

Our store – 5 large rooms –  is loaded with lots of quality cool stuff – from knick-knacks to quality furniture. The deals are unbelievable! We’ll even have Christmas stuff out!

So, come one, come all!

And remember, we take only CASH & CHEQUES.


Phone number:  519 856 4683

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Peter is home from the hospital.

The store will now be open regular hours (11 – 5), Tuesday to Saturday.

We are crammed full of “Cool Stuff”! Come and see us!

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We’ll be closed Wednesday, October 19 since Peter is having lung surgery at St. Mary’s in Kitchener.

The rest of the week the store will close early – 2:30 p.m. – so Vija can go visit Peter once a day. As well, the store will be closed when Vija goes to bring him home – that date yet to be determined.

Not a good month for health issues. Vija was just diagnosed with blood clots in her right lung. Hopefully the blood thinners will help and further testing to see what causes them.

Otherwise, a great month!! And this lovely weather – who could ask for more?

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On Friday and Saturday we SHALL be open due to a set of unfortunate incidents, namely that just now (Thursday evening) the Emergency Dept. in Guelph discovered Vija has blood clots in her right lung. So we are not travelling anywhere and will remain open.

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Just a note that we shall be closed Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8 for the long weekend. Gone to visit our friends in Sudbury; and also, of course, to seek out new and interesting items for the store!

A quick update on Peter – his lung surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 19. So we shall be definitely CLOSED that day. And possibly the following day as well…. we’ll keep you informed.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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We spent a lovely week on Manitoulin Island. And also found some “cool stuff” for the shop. The store has been somewhat reorganized around our new additions.

We will be open regular hours since we got the news that Peter’s lung surgery has been cancelled for now. Hopefully it will be rescheduled in the very near future. The whole situation has us somewhat stressed out.

A note: this Thursday (Aug. 29) we shall be opening late – around 2 p.m.; otherwise hours are 11 to 5, Wednesday to Saturday; 2 to 5 on Tuesday.

Please remember we do NOT take DEBIT or Credit Cards; cash or cheques only.

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CLOSED FOR A WEEK – Tuesday Sept 13 to Tuesday Sept 20; CLOSED Friday Sept 23

We are taking a week’s holiday at our cabin on Manitoulin Island, before Peter’s lung surgery to remove a cancerous tumour on Friday September 23rd. Of course, we shall also be closed on that Friday as well. Maybe even the Saturday.

But our store is PACKED with great COOL STUFF! We add items almost every day! So, be sure to visit us when we are open – typically Tuesday 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.; Wednesday to Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

During the next while, it would be good just to call ahead  – 519 856 4683 – to make sure we are open.

Have a great September everyone!

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Well, finally we are off to Manitoulin Island to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron.

We shall be closed from Friday, August 12 to Saturday August 20. We reopen on Tuesday, August 23.

Hopefully this wretched humid heat will dissipate.

Our store is packed full. Come and browse and find great deals after we return with more new and interesting merchandise.

And, please, remember – we do NOT take Debit or Credit cards. CASH or CHEQUES only, please. Yup, we still are “living in the past”!

Our phone number  is 519 856 4683. You can leave a message any time.

Have a great week! And stay cool (it’s supposed to be 41C (with the humidex) today – arrrghhhhh!)

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We are Back!!!!

We had an interesting trip to Prince Edward County and found some COOL STUFF!

However, the news closest to our hearts was that Peter saw the oncologist today and

the existing tumour in Peter’s left lung has increased by 2mm since March; the one hanging off his kidney has not changed. The great news is that no new tumours have popped up anywhere.

Peter sees the surgeon towards the end of July. Probably we’ll wait for another 4 months and then, possibly consider surgery if the tumour gets larger.

Forever onwards….!

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