Well, that time has come. Our store will close July 21st, 2018.

Why? We have been in business 32 years and it’s time to slow down. Being open 5 to 7 days a week has become a bit much, especially for Peter who is living with metastatic cancer (he is in his sixth round of chemotherapy). Vija’s health is also not top-notch. But we still will soldier on in this enjoyable business.

In late September, we shall be starting an on-line auction house out of our building, calling it:

MAIN STREET Online Auctions

Our own collections as well as consignments from clients will be featured. Our present premises will be the stage to come and view the items of the current auction a few days before the actual bidding starts on-line . Photographs and descriptions of everything will also appear on-line.

For now, all merchandise in the Second Hand Shop is 50% off the lowest marked price. Until closing. We are open every day 11 to 5 (unless we have medical appointments). It’s always good to phone ahead to make sure we are open¬†¬†519 856 4683.

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