We’ve just returned from a massive buying trip in Prince Edward County. And we MEAN massive! We found a 150+ year old pine armoire; a rare child’s coffin (that was only used to display the deceased and/or to photograph them); and tons of interesting smaller items. One of our most successful buying trips ever!
It’s going to take weeks to sift through it all so we recommend you keep coming back over and over…..there will be new items out every day for months! At our usual thrifty prices!!
But we are also treating ouselves to time off – quite a bit this summer (I (Vija) really need it and Peter especially needs it because for months he has been doing the work of 2 people!
CLOSED: July 4 th and 5th
CLOSED: July 13th to 28th (Manitoulin Island here we come! We haven’t had the opportunity to make it out there, yet due to my health and pain issues. (I’m hoping to deal with those gently and without any stress)
CLOSED: August 8th and 9th (to attend a wedding in Ottawa), we hope.
CLOSED: August 24th to September 4th (Manitoulin again – I (Vija) really need the rest and also time to exercise gently to try and regain my health). We think,  we are going. See above post.

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